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Stepping Into Your Space Through Photography with Jessica Korff

March 2, 2021

Jessica Korff is a mom to 4 girls, 2 fur babies and the wife of a truly patient husband.  She is the owner of Fleur de Lea Photography and REfashiond Magazine.  In a world where society has us convinced that we are never quite good enough, her photography business focuses on showing you just how enough you are.  They believe every woman is beautiful, without question.


That is our mission and purpose for my photography business, for the magazine it is still the same, with the added point to create a space for women to stand in their power, to celebrate their strength, and to believe they are worth more than we often let ourselves believe. It's all about the marriage of femininity and power and standing in that.


Through her journey, she discovered the permission to create a joyful life, to build a business and eventually she found a way to stand in her power and break through her glass ceilings. Now, she wants other women to see in themselves what it took too long for her to see in herself.  Because she honestly believes that women rising together will change the world.


In this episode of The Self Project Podcast:

  • Things that helped Jessica regain her confidence
  • Tips for women who are reluctant to be in front of the camera


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